TRANSCO proudly introduces "CYCLOPS" - the new ONE CONE BIT!
E.g. 165mm = 6-1/2” size - C57 Type - Product Specifications:
IADC Code : 6-3-7
Nozzle quantity : 3 interchangeable
Inner Row Insert : Conical
Gage Row Insert : Round
Pin connection : 3-1/2” API REG
Make up Torque : 7K – 9K Ft. Lbs.
Drilling Applications:
The one cone C57 is designed and suitable for a variety of formations from medium to hard with moderate formation changes. The design can drill in medium to hard sandstone, limestone, shale, & weathered granite.
The single cone cannot be pinched by fractured formation or boulders. The large high speed bearing is much stronger and more durable than the three small bearings in normal small bits.
The cone rotates about once for every two drill string rotations.
resulting in long seal/bearing life. Fewer moving parts results in higher dependability. This model is suitable for use with positive displacement mud motors.
Special Engineering Features
• Junk slots in cone directs fluid to the hole bottom for cooling and cleaning
• Body is Repairable – worn cone can be replaced
• All three outer rows cut gage
• Factory Rebuildable cutter assemblies
• As nose inserts wear down the bore gage increases slightly
• Bearing size comparable to that used in 12-1/4” three cone rockbits
Manufactured in accordance with API Spec Q1, ISO9001-2015, API Spec 7.1 ,ASME 9 and contractor requirements
Thanks to Mcmahons raise drilling for assisting and allowing us to do the trials on one of there rigs


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api spec q1 0831qms registered iso 9001 20157 1 1081