machining and fabrication

Machining Capacity

Large Capacity Multi Axis CNC milling

X - 7mtrs Y – 1.5mtrs Z – 2.4mtrs up to 100t on the table
Large 4th Axis Rotary capacity X – 6mtrs Y – 1.5mtrs Z – 2.4mtrs 35t @ 1300mm Diameter Cylindrical capacity

Large CNC Horizontal Turning

Diameter - 2.6mtrs Length - 8mtrs 35t Between centres

Hollow Spindle CNC Horizontal turning capacity

Diameter - 1,07mtrs Length - 5mtrs 5t Between centres
Through Spindle Twin chuck capacity 400mm Diameter work piece
- External Machine Steadies to handle work pieces up to 13mtrs long

Simultaneous five axis Turn, Mill multi-tasking Lathe Capacity

Diameter 600mm Length 1550mm
With 10,000 rpm high speed mill spindle

Simultaneous five axis Milling centre capacity

X - 730 Y - 850 Z - 560 mm 700kg on the table

Deep hole drilling / Boring

Deep hole drilling capacity starting from 25mm Dia. & up to 8000mm long (sizes & lengths – upon inquiry).
Boring of internal diameters for large cylinders and shafts

Specialized threading and gauging

Licensed by API (American Petroleum Institute) for Machining and gauging rotary shoulder connections

Facility to machine to following connection types 
NC | Full Hole | Internal Flush (I.F.) API REG. | Hughes External Flush (H.E.F.) , External-Upset Tubing (EUE), DSNC70, 
DI-22 & DI-42 Rotary shoulder Mining Connections


Semi-Automated Sub-arc, Mig and Tig welding , apparatus capable of light, medium and heavy fabrication.
- Specialized Hard Facing
- Welding procedures in compliance with Transco quality management system, ASME BPVC IX & all relevant industry standards.


High Torque Computer controlled breakout / makeup unit

200,000ft/lbs breakout capacity @ 355mm Diameter tool joints
160,000ft/lbs Make up capacity @ 355mm Diameter tool joints
Push/pull cylinder capable of 32 tonne push and 24 tonne pull,
Spinner capable of 2000 ft lbs max torque

High Torque breakout / make up unit

800,000ft/lbs breakout capacity
1,150,000ft/lbs Make up capacity

Plate services

High Definition Plasma Cutting, Multi Head Oxy Cutting, Laser Cutting, Waterjet Cutting
Surface Grinding, Plate Rolling/Bending, Cutting & Punching
Cutting Capacity to 300mm thick


Coordinate measuring machine for precisely checking a variety of size work pieces against their designed sizes

Utilising a CMM for verification of a variety of parts during the manufacturing process are all part of Transco’s standard procedures within the quality system.

All measuring equipment utilised in the manufacturing process are calibrated and traceable to national/international standards, also a requirement of Transco’s quality system.

Large variety of fully calibrated (to API spec7-2) thread gauges for API rotary shouldered connections.

Quality is integral to everything we do. Quality is everyone’s responsibility. TRANSCO will continuously improve its customer service to better satisfy the needs of its customers and will deliver to them—on time and every time—defect-free products and services conforming to customer requirements and industry standards .

api spec q1 0831qms registered iso 9001 20157 1 1081