TRANSCO manufactures both standard and high strength raise bore drill pipe from 5 3/4" O.D to 15" O.D to suit all types of raise bore rig configurations. 


TRANSCO Manufactures a large range of high strength and standard strength rotating stabilizers


TRANSCO Manufactures a large range of roller reamers


TRANSCO'S hydraulic powered make up & breakout tools (MUBO) manufactured to suit all size connections 
to ensure controlled make up torques 

We manufacture and repair a wide variety of high quality machine parts and gearbox spares for various raisebore machines

“All Raise bore components are made from superior material compared to most OEM suppliers and products are supported with quality documents to support the product”


TRANSCO designs & manufacture custom up-down reamers and hole openers to suit all configurations and applications. 

TRANSCO refurbishes a large variety of raise bore equipment 


TRANSCO designs and manufacture rolling cone rock bits using the finest materials with state of the art machining centers in an API and ISO certified factory.  

TRANSCO provides both workshop & field inspection services for Drill string, Bottom Hole assemblies, Rig drive components and any other equipment you may require to be inspected and assessed

RB acess

TRANSCO Manufactures a large variety of Raisebore Accessories



Some circumstances demand the use of specially designed tools to address unique or unusual problems.

Quality is integral to everything we do. Quality is everyone’s responsibility. TRANSCO will continuously improve its customer service to better satisfy the needs of its customers and will deliver to them—on time and every time—defect-free products and services conforming to customer requirements and industry standards .

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