TRANSCO manufactures a large varitety of stabilizers

Hole Openera

TRANSCO Designs and manufactures a very large range of H.D.D hole openers to suit any of your requirements.
From hole openers to suit midi HDD rigs to Maxi Rigs in both Integral and fabricated body. 


TRANSCO'S open ring style fly cutters can be manufactured single or bi-directional with and array of cutting elements


TRANSCO designs and manufactures rolling cone rock bits using the finest materials with state of the art machining centers in an API and ISO certified factory.


TRANSCO works with its customers to assist in the methodology and manufacturing of various specialized 
down hole tooling


TRANSCO's Drill string recovery tool follows down the stuck drill string pilot hole path 
and frees up the stuck drill string to allow for easy removal from the stuck pilot hole 


TRANSCO rents out and service their own fleet of mud motors, jars, shock tools, stabilizers, nearbit stabilizers & hole openers.


TRANSCO Manufactures a large variety of H.D.D Accessories


Some circumstances demand the use of specially designed tools to address unique or unusual problems.

Quality is integral to everything we do. Quality is everyone’s responsibility. TRANSCO will continuously improve its customer service to better satisfy the needs of its customers and will deliver to them—on time and every time—defect-free products and services conforming to customer requirements and industry standards .

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