TRANSCO have been creating custom engineering solutions for over 28 years. With a background in Raisebore, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Mining and Oilfield Industries. 

Some solutions we custom design, engineer and manufacture specialised tooling in house in order to meet our client’s unique needs.

TRANSCO's success as a business is the experience, capabilities and willingness to undertake custom product design and manufacture of drilling equipment from project methodology to a completed product.

Technical oversight of each product’s specifications is provided by our in-house professional engineer and a team of technical staff.

Models of each product are generated in 3D using the latest modeling software  which are then used to create manufacturing drawings for shop use and inspections. The engineering and quality departments work hand-in-hand to ensure reliability and durability, as well as the efficient manufacturing of all TRANSCO products.

The engineering team is also involved in providing technical customer support.

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Quality is integral to everything we do. Quality is everyone’s responsibility. TRANSCO will continuously improve its customer service to better satisfy the needs of its customers and will deliver to them—on time and every time—defect-free products and services conforming to customer requirements and industry standards .

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