TRANSCO Manufactures a large range of roller reamers

To suit all types of rig configurations. 

Transco can also cater to any customers customized requirements 
All Transco manufactured rollers are subject to stringent quality checks and each piece is supplied with full document packages incl. material certificates, Non destructive testing certificates, machining certificates against traceable serial numbers. 

  • Forged Integral body
  • Precision machining in a single milling set up on CNC
  • Including API float bore recess in the box end
  • Mud flow directed across cutters to eliminate formation packing ad keep cutters cool and clean
  • Dressed with either TCI or Milled Tooth cutters
  • Patented cutter offset roller design increases side wall contact and eliminates tendency to lobe in hole
  • Magazine style cutter cartridge requires only two allen keys to remove assembly from the reamer body
  • Cutter cartridges can be changed easily onsite
  • Cutters designed to ream up and down (bi-directional)
  • Cutter assemblies can be fitted with elevator blocks to increase reaming size
  • Greased sealed bearing package

For 6.5" to 26" holes

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Quality is integral to everything we do. Quality is everyone’s responsibility. TRANSCO will continuously improve its customer service to better satisfy the needs of its customers and will deliver to them—on time and every time—defect-free products and services conforming to customer requirements and industry standards .

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